Specialized Tubular Reformer Services

Catalyst Handling Resources continues to set new standards in Tubular Reformer services, partnering with LISEGA (USA) and U.S. Thermal Technology Inc. (USA) to offer a complete package of blind to blind services for Tubular Reformers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and fertilizer industries.

Catalyst Handling Resources has a range of services for the unloading, inspection, maintenance, repair, and loading of tubular reformers. Catalyst loading and the associated mechanical works are completed with our own specialized equipment and we constantly review equipment to incorporate best practice procedures and methods.

Catalyst Handling & Mechanical Services

Catalyst Handling Resources have a well established presence in the Catalyst Handling market, dating back to 1989. Our focus on innovation, safety, quality, and skilled personnel has seen us become a company with in-depth and unparalleled industry experience.

Catalyst Handling Resources use Unidense™ technology for the loading of primary reformers. This technology allows consistent loading of catalyst into each tube, ensuring that all pressure drops (dP) are within the pre-determined range. Both Unidense™ and Uniloading™ services are available.

The loading of Tubular Reformers and all associated mechanical works is provided by our expert teams. Upon completion of a project, all removed catalyst is packaged in UN approved containers ready for shipment or disposal as required.

Specialized Mechanical & Field Services

In addition to the required mechanical works for catalyst removal and loading, a full range of specialized mechanical and field services can also be provided. Inspection of pipelines and pipeline supports, planning and design, installation, and commissioning of reformer systems are all completed with the latest equipment and to strict Quality Assurance standards.

After each project is completed, we conduct a thorough debriefing with clients to identify further improvements, cost savings, and best practices.

Specialized Inspection Services

US Thermal Technology (USA) specializes in the non-destructive testing of reformer tubes in chemical plants and the oil and gas industry. Catalyst Handling Resources use these technologies as part of preventative maintenance; accurately detecting any defects, irregularities, or areas of concern before they affect plant operations.

US Thermal Technology utilize Eddy Current technology to inspect tubes. This highly accurate method can identify even the smallest changes to tube structure. Video inspection is also integrated into the process, meaning that clients can visually inspect reformer tubes during the scanning process, and all data can be saved to an external hard drive for client record keeping.

Upon completion of the scans, detailed reports are created for clients. These reports provide an instant overview of the condition of a reformer bed, as well as in-depth detail of each tube scanned. This approach ensures that only the necessary remediation or direct inspections are completed, eliminating needless maintenance costs.


Catalyst Handling Resources has always prided itself on its ability to innovate and adapt to the situation at hand. This has led to the development of many new pieces of equipment and tools, as well as new processes and systems. A focus on constant innovation and improvement has resulted in Catalyst Handling Resources being one of the safest and most efficient companies in the industry today.

Some of our developments in Catalyst Handling and Mechanical services include:

  • Modular Catalyst Vacuum Systems, with only a small site footprint, enable the vacuum removal of catalyst in large multi bed reactors, while cooling, filtering and recycling nitrogen. These can be used effectively in all locations.
  • Modular Life Support Systems meeting all international and client safety requirements. Reactor entries can be managed from the ground or reactor top with full video and audio communication and recording.
  • Dense Phase Loading systems for the transfer of catalyst directly from grade to reactor manway, without the use of Cranes and Hoppers.
  • Automated drum decanting systems reduce drum handling labour and time required, while improving safety.