Shutdown and Turnaround Services

Catalyst Handling continues to set new standards in the refining and process sectors; offering a complete turnaround service.

Catalyst Handling combines purpose built equipment and highly skilled, fully utilized teams. This allows Catalyst Handling to deliver a range of services, from project planning and estimating, through to safety and quality planning, and ultimately the execution of the work; ensuring a rapid turnaround with minimum downtime for our clients.

Planning and Management

Catalyst Handling has the ability to put our experts on site months in advance of a shutdown; planning, organizing, and managing our people and subcontractors from start to finish.

Combining our holistic approach to managing shutdowns with our multi-skilled workforce means we are able to provide a 'blind to blind' service; completing the entire project from planning, through to the final stages before the plant is reactivated.

By providing or managing all parties, Catalyst Handling are able to operate rapidly, adapt to changing circumstances and requirements faster, and still be one of the safest companies in the industry today.

Cost Effectiveness

Catalyst Handling can become involved at any stage from planning though execution of a turnaround. Due to Catalyst Handling's unrivalled ability to offer a 'blind to blind' service, we can provide input at every stage of the turnaround, ultimately helping our client to diminish cost, time, and organizational barriers.

Catalyst Handling works closely with the client from beginning to end, placing a large focus on the debriefing stage of a turnaround; identifying further improvements, cost savings, and best practices.

Recent Shutdowns and Turnarounds

Below is an indicative list of shutdowns and turnarounds that Catalyst Handling have completed. Other major projects can be viewed in the Showcase section.

Chalmette, Louisiana - USA

2012 – CCR Turnaround and Revamp

Catalyst Handling Resources completed the planning and execution of the Unloading, Screening, Mechanical Repair, and Reloading of the CCR Reactors at the ExxonMobil facility in Chalmette, Louisiana. Activities involved:

  • Pre Changeout Planning & Site Preparation
  • Catalyst Unloading
  • Catalyst Screening
  • Mechanical Repairs & Specialised Welding
  • Catalyst Reloading

ExxonMobil were very pleased with our performance and both companies are hopeful that this will lead to us working together much more in the future.

ExxonMobil - Baytown, Texas - USA

2011 – Parex Unit Revamp

Catalyst Handling Resources completed a total revamp of the Parex Unit reactor during a planned shutdown. Activities involved:

  • Pre Changeout Planning & Site Preparation
  • Catalyst Unloading and Stripping of Reactor Internals
  • Reinstallation of new Internals
  • Specialist Welding
  • Catalyst Reloading and Box Up
  • Specialist Bolting

Over six months, CHR personnel worked with ExxonMobil staff in the planning and preparation required for the revamp. All work was completed to the highest quality and within schedule.

BP Oil - Kwinana Refinery, Australia

2011 – Reactor Mechanical Work & Catalyst Handling

Contract Resources completed four reactor projects for BP Kwinana in 2011 on a 'blind to blind' basis. Projects included:

  • Installation of reactor internals and catalyst dense loading (UOP Process) of new Hydrofiner reactor
  • Catalyst unloading, tray revamp and dense loading (UOP Process) of 2nd Hydrofiner reactor
  • Catalyst unloading and dense loading of 3rd Hydrofiner reactor under inert atmosphere
  • Catalyst unloading and dense loading of ISOM reactor
  • Specialist bolting

CR has completed many reactor projects for BP in Australia at both the Kwinana and Bulwer Island Refineries. All projects have been completed to the client's satisfaction in terms of schedule, safety, and quality.

Caltex - Kurnell Refinery - Sydney, Australia

2011 – Crude Distillation Unit & Rheniformer Unit Shutdown

Contract Resources completed significant works on the Crude Distillation and Rheniformer units. Activities during the shutdown included:

  • Catalyst change out and internal repairs on 3 Rheniformer reactors
  • Blinding, entry, dismantle, and replacement of column internals on 12 columns
  • Cleaning of Fin Fans and Heat Exchangers
  • Replacement of random packing with new, structured packing and repair of internals on Crude Distillation Column
  • Decontamination of Mercury contaminated equipment
  • Deblinding and assistance with commissioning

The Shutdown was completed in full compliance of site requirements. The project was finished on time and to budget.

Methanex New Zealand

2008 & 2011 – Methanol Plant Re-Commissioning

Methanex 'mothballed' two methanol trains in 2004. Contract Resources provided mechanical and catalyst handling services during the re-commission of Train Two in 2008 and Train One in 2011.

  • Mechanical Revamp of the multi bed Methanol Converter, 680 Tube Reformer & two desulferiser reactors in each train
  • Catalyst loading of all reactors, including Unidense loading of the tubular reformer
  • Specialist bolting
  • Packaging and transport coordination for waste material
  • Vacuum Loading and HPWJ Services for the process plant
  • Utilities tank cleaning and repair

CR has worked with the Methanex Group in New Zealand, Chile, and Trinidad. The 'blind to blind' service greatly contributed to an efficient and safe start up in plants that had degraded during the mothballed period.

Qatar Petroleum - Qatar Refinery

2011 – Catalyst Handling Term Contract

Contract Resources is providing all the site catalyst handling services for a three year period at the refinery. Activities include:

  • Pre Changeout Planning & Site Preparation
  • Removal of catalyst and reactor internals
  • Loading of catalyst and reinstatement of internals
  • Dense loading of catalyst using the UOP process
  • Catalyst screening
  • HSE & Quality Management
  • Transfer of waste catalyst

CR mobilized new equipment to site after being awarded the contract; improving safety, reactor turnaround time, and the environmental aspects of catalyst handling through better dust control systems.