Our Services

Catalyst Handling continues to set new standards in Reactor and Catalyst Handling services. By providing a genuinely multi-skilled workforce we ensure optimal performance and productivity, while maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from competitors.

Our Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services are amongst the best worldwide. We provide refineries and petrochemical plants with a complete, 'blind to blind' range of services for commissioning and maintaining catalytic reactors, vessels, and columns, as well as Shutdown and Turnaround management. Most of the critical equipment is proprietary, and we have access to additional modern refining technology through license agreements with other parties.

The Catalyst Handling name stands for quality and technical expertise.

Each service is customized to solve a specific client problem. We plan and estimate the project, gaining a detailed understanding of the work scope and critical path. As part of quality planning, specific inspection and test plans are established, and detailed hazard analysis assessments are completed to maximize safety.

Due to the efficient approach of our integrated, multi-skilled teams, downtime is minimized; achieving significant savings for clients. After each project is completed, we conduct a thorough debriefing to identify further improvements, cost savings, and best practices.