Other Services

In addition to our main services, Catalyst Handling also offers other complimentary services within the petrochemical and refining industries.

Catalyst Transport Containers

Through our association with various companies we can now assist clients with the supply of specialized bins or containers for the transport of catalyst to and from regeneration or disposal facilities. These bins or containers can hold up to 10 barrels of catalyst (70 cubic feet) and are UN 11A/Y approved. Designed and built for catalyst we can organize transport, scheduling, logistics support, and computerized bin tracking to meet any client needs.

Long Term Catalyst Handling Contracts

As a result of our commitment to training and specialized equipment selection we have entered into long term contracts with many refineries in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, the USA, and South America. It ensures that equipment and personnel are available for emergencies, and it allows plant management to budget easily; as costs are known up to 5 years in advance. The scope can be accurately determined and in the event of an emergency the need to cover contractual issues is minimized.

Catalyst Disposal by Reclamation

Catalyst Handling can assist with catalyst disposal through relationships with a number of specialized companies. Depending on the catalyst, this service which can reduce disposal costs dramatically and in some cases return money to our client by the recovery of precious metals. All materials are handled in accordance with UN specifications and certified documentation is always supplied.

Salt Melting and Pumping

Catalyst Handling can provide specialized salt melting and pumping services for heat exchangers and other heat transfer systems. Our technicians can remove used salt directly from the plant process and liquefy new salt in portable heating facilities for introduction.