Neutralization, Passivation, and Reactor Cleaning Services

Catalyst Handling continues to set new standards in chemical cleaning and is recognized as a leading specialised industrial services provider; working to the highest safety, environmental, and technical standards.

Catalyst Handling is able to offer specialized cleaning for inspection or repair purposes. The most common methods are High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure water blasting, grit, dry ice, or carb-soda blasting.

Passivation Methods

Depending on the metallurgy and process type, some reactors may require passivation of internal components and interior walls to neutralize acids that form from fluorides, chlorides, and sulfur compounds inherent in the process. If necessary a soda ash solution is applied either by a circulation system using a three dimensional spraying head, or by flooding the reactor. Afterwards the reactor can be dried by hot or ambient air circulation.

Immediately after the reactor is unloaded it should be internally cleaned to remove any residual catalyst or other foreign particles. The type of process or reactor will often dictate the type of cleaning required.


Catalyst Handling's genuine multi-skilled workforce results in seamless scope execution, flexibility of role on site and reduced supporting contractors, while maintaining a safety and environmental record that sets us apart from others in the industry.

  • We collaborate with clients to ensure work scope and best practices are identified and implemented
  • Technicians are highly trained and selected on their work ethic, industry experience, technical knowledge and ability to perform a wide range of services to the highest safety levels
  • Clients are assured that the standard of cleanliness required for modern inspection techniques is achieved first time

Catalyst Handling utilizes best practice networks and technical alliances to increase plant efficiency while reducing water and energy usage. Continuous improvement in this area is our key focus.

Zero Harm

Catalyst Handling's key value is zero harm; focused on care for Health, Safety, Community, and Environment with a target of zero incidents. This is achieved utilizing a fulltime safety management team to provide internationally recognized and respected safety training programs and systems.

  • Highly skilled trainers utilize superior, unique in-house facilities to provide specialized, tailored training and refresher courses to OSHA standards
  • Detailed hazard analysis assessments are done by specialists with work procedures and quality plans prepared specifically for each project