IDLH Confined Space Entry and Rescue Services

Catalyst Handling has invested in best practice technology and processes when it comes to safety. Our equipment and technicians are world class, and we're proud to have such a strong commitment to safety in the company.

Should Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) entries or rescue services be required, Catalyst Handling has the equipment and expertise necessary to ensure the safe completion of work or the provision of safety teams for stand by rescue services.

Life Support System

The Catalyst Handling Life Support System consists of multiple air supplies that feed the lock on helmets to ensure a constant supply of air to technicians. The system also incorporates hard line communication, an egress bottle, a full body harness, and a fall arrest system.

Our life support systems can also include helmet mounted cameras that allow for real time inspection, and a greater understanding of the circumstances inside a reactor. Up to 4 helmet cameras can be viewed at any time and an additional stand-alone camera can also be connected to the system. Full recordings can be made of the work completed for both quality assurance purposes and as a record of repairs.

Zero Harm

All entries into confined spaces require continuous gas monitoring, an A-Frame with emergency rescue hoist, and first aid equipment on hand.

Our systems are approved for continuous use to perform services in inert and toxic atmospheres, catalyst changeouts, internals removal, and reactor repairs. The system meets all NIOSH, OSHA, and CE requirements for Confined Space Entry and Emergency Rescue.