Catalyst Screening, Cleaning, and Classifying Services

The result of thermal swings, erosion, and reactor operating pressures on catalyst cause the creation of particle chips and fines. Metal and other debris from the feed material of processes can also make its way into the catalyst bed.

These smaller particles gather during the unit’s operation and increase the operating pressure required from the inlet feed compressor. These particles may also divert or channel the reactor feed through the catalyst bed. In order to maximize conversion and operating efficiency, it is recommended that all particle chips and fines are removed where possible.

Task Specific Equipment

Catalyst Handling has designed a system that gently vibrates and/or air washes the catalyst. The equipment can separate 4 different material sizes in a single pass. The total surface area utilized for the catalyst classifying and cleaning is just 72 square feet. Depending on the particle size distribution, rates of up to 210 cubic foot (6m3) per hour can be achieved.

Density grading is also available on special catalyst and materials.


The combination of our Safety, Quality, and Productivity performance with our expertise and innovative automated equipment ensures that Catalyst Handling are the most efficient team in the industry.

  • New and innovative methods and equipment ensure no environmental impact and are future proofed to meet regulatory requirements
  • Multi-skilled, trained, focused, knowledgeable, and experienced teams of people are selected for optimal results
  • Our innovative technology sets new standards; changing the critical path and making the unsafe safe