Setting New Standards

Bringing a new level of catalyst handling services to the USA

Catalyst Handling is a combination of two great companies: Contract Resources (est. 1989); who are recognized globally for their innovative equipment, multi-skilled and professional personnel, and use of the latest licensed technology, with Catalyst Handling Service Co (est. 1997); who have superior local knowledge, modern equipment, and a versatile workforce. Together we have been able to create a company that has not only completed catalyst change-outs in over 1,600 reactors within the USA and internationally, but enjoys an excellent safety record through its extensive training of management and personnel.

Catalyst Handling has the resources to respond safely and professionally to any turnaround or shutdown, at any facility located in the East Coast, West Coast, Mid West, Rocky Mountain, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean regions of the United States. Our ability to complete projects on a 'blind to blind' basis (including torquing & tensioning) and welding repairs (R-Stamp) ensures a complete service by one company.