Zero harm

Setting New Standards

A new level of catalyst handling services

Catalyst Handling Resources LLC (CHR) provides top quality Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services to a wide variety of Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Gas Plants throughout the USA and internationally. CHR has highly qualified and experienced personnel. The company has invested in and developed high-end specialized equipment to execute projects in the most safe and efficient manner possible. Our Motto is "Setting New Standards" and our clients benefit from the improvements we continue to make in all aspects of our services. All equipment is designed and built so it can be efficiently transported to any part of the country or any part of the world.

CHR has completed over 1,500 catalyst change outs over the past 10 years and continuous to enjoy excellent safety performance! Many client awards are testimony to our safety focus within our operational group. Catalyst Handling Resources has the resources to respond safely and professionally to any turnaround, or maintenance project at any facility anywhere. CHR has permanent facilities and teams in the USA: Mid West, North East, South West and South East as well as in Trinidad & Tobago. Our ability to complete projects on a "blind-to-blind" basis, including torqueing, tensioning, welding and repairs (R-stamp), packaging, tray installations, etc. will ensure a complete quality service delivered by one Company.